About us

MJM Foundry was founded in 1994 in Ostrołęka by an experienced staff taking its roots in the former aluminum foundry ZWAR (Zakłady Wytwórcze Aparatury Wysokiego Napięcia, which translates as High-Voltage Equipment Manufacturing Plants). Since the very beginning of our operations we have been producing aluminum alloys castings addressed specifically to the power, machine and automotive industries. During this period we have produced more than five thousand tons of castings using the following technologies: gravity die casting, sand casting and furan resin sand casting. We have been collaborating with domestic and international clients. Our products are used all over the world. Moreover we ensure advanced quality control, covering such processes as helium leak detection trials. We also run independent surface finishing and metal machining divisions. We take great pride in our long-standing scientific cooperation with academic entities such as Foundry Research Institute in Cracow.